Tutorial Topos – Luiz Naveda

Tutorial Topos

The tutorials contain a 10 step guide to understand the main concept of the Library. The first 6 steps involve descriptions of the main objects. The remaining steps show some applications of the library.

  • Descriptors and tools
  • Demo 0 – basic explanations
  • Demo 1 – Receiving and broadcasting data to skeleton
  • Demo 2 – Recording and playing “topos” files
  • Demo 3 – Topos object and concepts
  • Feature extraction
  • Demo 4 – Extracting features from the “topos” object
  • Demo 5 – Extracting features from “geo” objects and from points
  • Demo 6 – Extracting features from relational objects
  • Applications
  • Demo 7 – Using features to control a synthesis
  • Demo 8 – Using a topology to control a linear change across frequency of oscillators
  • Demo 9 – Attach and retrieve a “quality” onto the point cloud
  • Demo 10 – Topological relationships between regions


Click here to download or go to the GitHub page

Remember that the Topos Library must be installed as a Pure Data external library or placed in the same directory of the tutorials