SambaLib – Luiz Naveda

Samba Library

Samba library is a collection of functions for Matlab developed during my PhD in musicology.

In this library, I have implemented many routines for movement and music analysis. The algorithms implemented as Matlab functions include procedures for the implementation of the Topological Gesture Analysis (Naveda & Leman, 2010), Basic Gesture Analysis (Leman & Naveda, 2010) among other functions.

I am preparing these functions and some tutorial for dissemination. If you are interested or want to try some undocumented code, let me know.

Figures: Some resulting plots generated by functions in the library

Research that used the library:

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[2] Marc Leman and Luiz Naveda. Basic Gestures as Spatiotemporal Reference Frames for Repetitive Dance/Music Patterns in Samba and Charleston. Music Perception, 28(1):71–91, 2010.

[3] Luiz Naveda and Marc Leman. The spatiotemporal representation of dance and music gestures using Topological Gesture Analysis (TGA). Music Perception, 28(1):93–111, 2010.