Basic Gesture approach (Leman & Naveda, 2010)

Leman, Marc, and Luiz Naveda. 2010. “Basic Gestures as Spatiotemporal Reference Frames for Repetitive Dance/Music Patterns in Samba and Charleston.” Music Perception 28 (1): 71–91.

Basic gesture approach is a methodology and a form of spatiotemporal representation of repetitive gestures that was developed for the analysis of samba dance. It was mostly applied to traditional forms of dances.

The basic idea here is to use the period of the metric structure of the music (annotated) to extract relevant information regarding the periodicity, magnitude and shape of the repetitive gestures.  Instead of looking at this hermetic problem limited to movement or music, the method “projects” the movement patterns of the dancer onto different periodic spaces (based on Periodicity Transforms, Sethares & Staley, 1999), or what I call hypotheses of periodic movements. A summary of possibilities of representing musical metric engagement in the choreographic space is created.

Check the video below for an illustrative explanation:

Schematic explanation: