Architecture, dance and music

Generating tacit knowledge through motion: A vision on the matter of space

Liselotte Vroman, Sint-Lucas school of architecture, Belgium Thierry Lagrange, Sint-Lucas school of architecture, Belgium Luiz Naveda, University of Ghent, Belgium

Nice work realized in collaboration with Liselotte Vroman in Belgium. Liselotte used transformations of dance performance and movement cues to generate conceptual designs for architecture. See the paper and abstract below.

Paper:,id=14385/ (,id=14385/

This paper aims to observe and bring forth the embodied experience of space, while an individual interacts through moving. This research project is about how architecture can be conceived, setting out from the embodied experience of space. There is main focus on dance, because of the level of spatial awareness and expression of the movements. The boundaries of architecture are explored by means of empirical methods. The experienced space is based on the subject’s practice but can this embodied experience be handled and molded by the architect, the so-called designer of spaces? Movements can be considered as an expression drawn from the embodied experience in a particular space. Techniques of movement analysis were used, in an attempt to capture this embodied experience through motion. Can the results of this assumption contribute to the design-based architectural thinking, through understanding the outcome of tacit knowledge represented from spatial visualizations? This is an ongoing research project and as such this paper concerns a work in progress. The goal comprises the development of an architectural implementation, with regards to the embodied experience of space in design.

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