Curriculum and Awards

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  • (2011) Naveda, L.. Young Research Award 2011 for the best paper – SACCoM/SEMPRE (X Encuentro de Ciencias Cognitivas de la Música). Research award.Buenos Aires, Argentina: SACCoM-Sociedad Argentina para las Ciencias Cognitivas de la Música.
  • (2009) Naveda, L.. Best Paper Award: SBCM 2009. Research award.Recife, Brazil: 12th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music.
  • (2006) Naveda, L.. First prize in the national selection for doctoral grant CAPES-Brazil. Research award.Brasília, Brazil: CAPES.
  • (2002) Naveda, L.. Young Musician Award. Artistic award.Belo Horizonte, Brazil: .
  • (1998) Naveda, L.. Natividade Domini – Award: Jury reference. Artistic award.Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Telemig. Artwork in Architectural Origami


  • (2020-2023) Naveda, L.. National Grant for Research Productivity – PQ2. Research grant.Belo Horizonte, Brazil: CNPq. Process n. 310450/2019-5
  • (2019) Naveda, L. & Nijs, L.. Grant for scientific Mission at IPEM – Ghent University. Travel grant.Ghent, Belgium: CESAM – Ghent University.
  • (2018) Naveda, L.. Grant for extension project:. Extension grant.Belo Horizonte, Brazil: UEMG/FAPEMIG (local). Scholarships for students and prize
  • (2016) Naveda, L.. Grant for research and technological development “Promotion of the R\&D actions in the project “Relationships between human movement and music across different cultural contexts and identities”. Research grant.Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Fapemig. Process n. CHE – BIP-00223-16 (4.000 USD)
  • (2010) Naveda, L. & Gouyon, F.. Grant for scientific Mission at Inesc-Porto. Travel grant.Brussels, Belgium: FWO.
  • (2009) Naveda, L.. Short-Term Scientific Mission SID-COST. Travel grant.Porto, Portugal: SID-COST.
  • (2007-2011) Naveda, L.. BOF PHD Scholarship. Doctoral grant.Ghent, Belgium: Ghent University.
  • (2006) Naveda, L.. Full doctoral scholarship for international studies – CAPES. Doctoral grant.Brasília, Brazil: CAPES.
  • (2005) Naveda, L.. Grant for research and technological development. Research grant.Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Fapemig. Research project (SHA- 1614/04)