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Because of my active teaching responsibilities I have delivered a number of courses, workshops, lectures, including online content that span across skills necessary to advance research and art. Here you will find courses, lectures and workshops that also take care of basic skills, which I think are neglected in favor of pure theoretical approaches, in many institutions. See topics below and refer to posts and CV for more information. Send a message if you need more information.


  • Science and research practice
    • Research methods: qualitative and quantitative research, annotation of media, analysis of textual, musical and image content
    • Academic writing and tools: bibliographic reference, organization of data a resources
    • Research project: proposal, writing, planning, budget and bureaucracy
    • Dissemination: websites, media, social-media, publication outlets and evaluation
    • Curriculum: Latter Curriculum, portfolio, organization of portfolio and professional CV.
  • Art and music
    • Computer art: audio, video, 3D, interactive applications, video mapping.
    • Music: soundtrack for dance and video projects. Music performance using computers (computer art).
    • Photography and video: professional photography and videography. Professional audio capture in-studio or outdoors. 360 professional video and audio (ambisonics) capture
    • Paper engineering and illustration: paper sculpture, architectural origami and pop-up design, book design and Illustration.
  • Platforms and techniques
    • Audio: Logic, MainStage, Sibelius, Garage Band, Audacity, Vegas, Sonic Visualizer, Pure Data, Processing, Millumim, VVVV, EyesWeb, Max/Msp
    • Information: Airtable, Trello and Google Services (Sheets, Forms, etc.), Trello, local systems (Lattes and sucupira).
    • Writing: Advanced formatting in Word, Latex. Minimalistic writing on many platforms. References in BibTex, Zotero, CMS and Bloging platforms (Joomla, Tumblr,  WordPress, Weebly, Wix) and e-commerce (online marketing,  Analytics,  Adwords).
    • Data processing: Matlab (data, image, video and sound processing) for scientific and creative applications, Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers.

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