Sonification of samba dances

In this preliminary and very exploratory and speculative study we investigated the idea of finding rhythmic elements of samba MUSIC in the movement patterns of samba DANCE.

Instead of looking at music as a form strictly based on dance structure (it would sound very naïve…), we were looking for the possibilities of producing meaningful rhythm patterns with the minimum transformation of movement patterns. We found that after a transformation using periodicity transforms (Sethares, 1999), the local minima and maxima of the repetitive patterns were capable to produce very idiomatic rhythms. Have a look at the paper:

Naveda, L. and Leman, M. (2008). Sonification of samba dance using periodic pattern analysis. In Barbosa, A., editor, ARTECH 2008. 4th International Conference on Digital Arts, pages 16—26, Porto, Portugal. Universidade Católica Portuguesa.