Lectures – Luiz Naveda

Invited Talks


March, 16, 2015
14:00 UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, CT, Bloco I – Sala 146 (SMT II)

“Análise Computacional do Movimento Musical e suas Aplicações para a Música, Robótica e Sistemas Interativos Multimodais”
(Computational analysis of musical movement and applications in music, robotics and interactive multimodal systems)

August, 2015

San Juan, Argentina
ECCOM conference.



  • Music notation, rhythm and meter analysis and theory, computational analysis of music, topics in systematic musicology, music and cognition, restoration of music archives (sound and image).
  •  Analysis of movement in dance and in music performance, processing of movement information, gesture analysis.
  • Algorithms for cross-modal analysis, interactive systems, sensors and capturing, real-time multimedia applications.
  • Project and production of design using paper: paper engineering, architectural origami, pop- up and card design.